[Just for Fun] Get Amped Up About Exercise

What would it look like if fitness fused with clean energy? A little device called Ampy.

Ampy combines the idea of a Fitbit or other similar activity-tracking devices with the ability to turn kinetic energy into electricity (you know, like those flash lights that you can crank to power them?). Basically, you move, and Ampy generates and stores electricity that you can use later to charge your devices, plus it tracks how many calories you’re burning in that process. The website indicates that you should be able to get 3 hours of smartphone battery life out of running for 30 minutes, cycling for 1 hour, or walking the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

So, you create your own clean, renewable electricity! How great is that? Plus, you can finally turn all that exercise you’ve been tracking into something you can use. Believe me, I’m all for exercising to maintain a healthy body and mind, but isn’t it nice to get a little extra boost from all that effort?

Ampy is expected to start selling devices in June 2015. Check out their video [below] or their Kickstarter for more information!

**Note: This post is in no way sponsored. I just think it’s a cool product!**

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