[Just For Fun] They Can See Clearly Now…

In case you need an environmental pick-me-up, here’s a fun fact for you: auto emissions in Los Angeles have dropped 98% from where they were in the 1960s – even though gasoline usage has tripled since then! Just think how bad the smog must have been back in those days. Take a look at this picture of L.A. in 1948.


Compare that with L.A. in 2012.

Los Angeles in 2012

What a difference! Decreased emissions means less smog, which results from the mixture of smoke and sulfur dioxide (industrial smog) or oxides of nitrogen and volatile organic compounds, the byproducts of fossil fuel combustion (photochemical smog). Smog not only decreases visibility, but it is also harmful to both human and plant health. So, it is highly beneficial for the residents of Los Angeles that emissions have fallen so drastically.

When asked why this decrease in emissions has happened, the lead author on the study, Carsten Warneke, said “The reason is simple: Cars are getting cleaner.” Looks like clean air regulations are really having an impact. Who says we can’t make real change happen? Just think what a difference it would make if we started regulating carbon emissions in order to promote clean technology!

Your opinion~ What regulations would you like to see put in place in order to promote sustainability?

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