[Spotlight] Wind Energy Takes Denmark by Storm

Denmark may not be dominating the Olympics just yet (having won only one medal in London thus far), but they are certainly dominating in the field of wind energy on the world stage. Apparently, Denmark has set some rather aggressive goals for itself in terms of percentage of national electricity to be produced by wind power. By the year 2020, Denmark aims to derive at least 50% of its electricity from wind power (up from its target of 42% by 2020 last year). Well on its way, Denmark currently clocks in at 26% – an impressive figure.

Even more impressive is the commitment to wind power by the Danish people. Here are a few figures gathered by the Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA), which recently surveyed 1,000 Danes:

  • 91% of those surveyed would like to see wind power usage increase in Denmark.
  • 96% would like to see the Danish government support wind power so that Denmark can remain the world pioneer in this field.
  • 62% (still a strong majority) would like to see wind power usage increase beyond the 50% target.

I admit that the source of these figures is likely a bit biased (wink wink), but I still think that these numbers are quite telling, as is the government’s target itself. I truly admire the drive of the Danish people and its government to commit to clean and renewable energy. It is clear that the Danes are letting the vision of a healthy and sustainable future govern their choices today, while the U.S. Congress is still debating whether or not the Earth’s climate is actually changing. I know that our country can make the necessary commitment to sustainability; the question is simply whether we will do so before too much damage is done to both the environment and public health.

What are your thoughts? When do you think the U.S. will shift so that a majority of our electricity is produced with renewable resources?

Share your thoughts.

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